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Common Misconceptions

I don’t want to use a Realtor to go buy a house because it cost to much
Dead wrong. I can personally guarantee that while shopping for a home, you will not have to directly pay me ever! NO I don’t do it for nothing of course, I just get paid from the other end of the deal.

I can search on MLS myself and find a place
Although this is true, you are wasting a LOT of time by going on MLS yourself. You will be seeing many homes on their that are currently conditionally sold and most likely won’t be able to view in person. Also, once I set up a buyer on a search for MLS you will receive the listings 24-72hrs sometimes before they are even available to view on the public MLS.

The Price Seems Ok, I’ll give them what they are asking
As for sale by owner homes have gotten more popular I have seen this way too often where some poor buyer goes into a home, is dazzled by some nice finishes, and then pays what the seller is asking, only to realize later that the home was 20k overpriced compared to the others in the neighborhood. I’m here to ensure that NEVER happens to you!

I want a brand new home so I don’t need a Realtor
I deal with all new builders as well as resale homes. If new homes are a possibility in your price range we will explore those possibilities. Builders always have some incentives to buy with them and you should know what upgrades to take, and what upgrades aren’t worth it.

Uncle Joe Knows Houses, I don’t Need an Inspector
No offence to Uncle Joe but homes have changed a lot over the years. Having a home inspector that has inspected hundreds of different types of homes is extremely beneficial. Plus this is the biggest purchase of your life, whats $500 to ensure its just right?

Since I bought a newer home I don’t need an inspection
Unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect home. New homes have just as many issues as older homes. Do yourself a favor and get it inspected.

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I have been working with Andrew for the past 4 years and I have always found him to be patient and consistent. He was never pushy about any property I viewed and promptly got answers for me when I needed them. I thought that at some point he would give up and stop looking for me because I was very specific in what I was looking for and nothing seemed to suit me but he was never discouraged and continued to search for the right property.. When I finally found something appropriate he made sure that I got the best price and that all the conditions I asked for were fulfilled.... I would recommend Andrew if you are interested in an honest , hard -working and reliable real estate agent.

Angelina M.