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Why Use Me?

There are a wide variety of reasons for choosing a professional Realtor to assist you in selling your home.  You may at this time be thinking its something you can tackle on your own.  Well let me ask you a few questions.  If you had to have open heart surgery would you attempt that yourself?  If you had a massive tax issue would you not call upon an Accountant?  Do you think its wise to attempt a root canal on your own or would you trust your dentist?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, ten why would you ever consider trying to sell the biggest investment of your life on your own without the help of a professional that does this on a day to day?  Realtor’s are a dime a dozen out there but there are quite a few reasons to choose myself over the competition, here are just a few:

  1. FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.  You should get along with someone that you are trusting to deal with your biggest investment, and they should know what they are doing.  I’ve been in the field for years, I am very personable, and I can get along with ANYONE!  I’ll make this process as enjoyable as it can possibly be.
  2. FEEDBACK-  Very important aspect that I have an advantage over the rest.  All to often I hear of people that have listed their home and haven’t heard anything back from their Realtor or any feedback from anyone that has come through the home.  I have systems set in place so that you will know what the buyers are saying and thinking after they have visited your home.  This will ensure that we can handle and take care of any negative feedback before it is viewed by other buyers.
  3. TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED-  I am what most would call “Tech Savy.”  I have great online exposure.  I utilize all forms of Social Media to my utmost advantage.  I am always searching for bigger and better ideas to market my listings and to get ahead of the competition.
  4. EASY TO REACH- I’m married to my phone.  Emails, texts, phone calls.  I’m ALWAYS here for you no matter what day or time you need something.
  5. HONESTY-  I don’t beat around the bush or sugar coat anything.  You’ll get nothing but the truth from me at all times.

As I said, there are quite a few reasons that you should choose myself to sell that home of yours.  Give me a shout now so you can see all the rest and put my skills to the test.

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I was immediately impressed with Andrew Miller's high level of energy and salesmanship. While other agents we met seemed only interested in getting our listing, Andrew had a clear strategy for selling. We worked with him to implement the strategy and the house sold within 2 weeks. Cathy

Catherine and Don M.